Ultraviolet Counterfeit Money Detector

Quickly and easily check all bills!
Model: Money Detector 6697

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10 ½” x 4” x 5”

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Quickly and easily check all bills!

This Ultraviolet Counterfeit Money Detector easily detects fake bills and ID cards. It uses 2 ultraviolet bulbs to detect the coloured security threads found in currency . Suitable for most currencies.

This unit features a lightweight and compact design making it easily portable.

Accurate, easy-to-use machine easily identifies counterfeit bills, credit cards, ID's and documents with 12W of UV power.

Operators can clearly visualize the fluorescence of the security thread in U.S. notes or fibres and other features present in other currencies, credit cards, ID's and special documents. Specifically designed to protect the user from direct eye exposure to the UV rays. Uses UV and watermark detection simultaneously. Operates on 110V. This unit is perfect for Bars, Night Clubs, Convenience and Retail Stores!

US and Canadian currencies use cotton-fibre paper that absorbs UV light while counterfeit bills tend to be made of cellulose fibres which reflects UV light

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